IRAS – positional accuracy

Encircled Energy (EE)
60μm ▸  60″

Positional Accuracy of PSC
From the Faint Source Catalogue (FSC):
▸Table I.B.1 – pg. I-12
@60μm (1-σ error) ▸  4″x15″ (scan x cross-scan) – |b| > 10 [deg]
▸Table IV.A.2 – pg. IV-7
@60μm (1-σ error) ▸ 6.7″x13.4″ (scan x cross-scan) – F60μm > 1.9 [Jy]
@60μm (1-σ error) ▸ 7.4″x19.7″ (scan x cross-scan) – F60μm < 1.9 [Jy]

NOTICE: The PSC is NOT part of the FSC: the selection criteria are different.

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